Dear Sir,

I am writing with total displeasure on the part of your official in Abaranje (i.e. ikotun distribution zone).For almost a month, there have been total black out in these area (i.e. onitire, irepodun, obodeh, K&S etc).There was heavy rain on the 31st of December 2013 which resulted in the destruction of electrical pole and this matter was reported to the abaranje office but nothing has been done.

They requested that we should contribute money before they will come and repair the damage pole.I have to be candid with you,it has become an embarrassment in the sense that your official has become parasite on the people of this area. They emphatically said that failure to contribute money only God know when we will have electricity supply.Sir, if they know that they are tired of performing their primary responsibility they should honourably resign because we will no longer tolerate this barbaric attitude of exploiting people without providing the necessary service.

We have resolved that henceforth, we will only pay on the service provided not on assumption. It has also become a habit on the part of your official demanding for money whenever they come for inspection. They do read meter for those that do not have meter and not interested on your bill. They harass people unnecessary. It has become a habit of cutting people electrical wire most especially those who are not at home and using it to favour those at home who have formed the habit of not paying their bill but do give #200-#500 depending on the power of negotiation. This has happened to me severally.

Kindly use your good office to do justice to this intolerable act.

Thanks for your understanding and co-operation.

Yours Sincerely

Mamudu O.David


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