Darjeeling, a hill station located in West Bengal can safely be said to be one of the grand old tourist destination of India and an integral part of India’s heritage. The hill station is an extremely popular tourist destination of India attracting people from all parts of the country and also from various corners of the world.

Darjeeling rich in natural beauty lures in tourists with its unique charm, cultural amalgamation of Nepalis, Bihari laborers and Tibetan refugees, rich history and an air of mysticism surrounding the region. Darjeeling served as the defacto summer capital of India, when Calcutta used to be the capital of India during the British era. Various colonial architectures and monuments still stand testimony to the region’s glorious past. Sitting at an altitude of 6,710ft in the Mahabharat range also known as the Lesser Himalayas, Darjeeling offers spectacular views of its neighboring areas.

The region is richly endowed with dense forest, lush greenery, undulating landscape, majestic mountains and much more, all giving the region a very mystical and divine look, at to that the peaceful and serene ambience, which heightens the entire experience of holidaying at this hill resort.

Darjeeling offers a perfect blend of fun and relaxation.

The region offers several interesting tourist destinations ranging from the natural attractions to the man made monuments and architectural marvels. Some of the prominent tourist attraction of Darjeeling include the include the Tiger Hill, Batasia Loop and the War Memorial, Chowrasta and Mall, Rock Garden and Ganga Maya Park, Peace Pagoda, Botanical Garden, Nightangle Park, Senchal Lake, Observatory Hill, Mahakal Temple, Padmaja Naidu Himalayan Zoological Park and much more.

Along with sightseeing, Darjeeling also offers opportunities to tourists to indulge in various adventure sports activities from mountaineering, rappelling, hiking, trekking to various other sports. A must do in Darjeeling is take a ride in the UNESCO World Heritage Site enlisted Darjeeling Himalayan Train fondly referred to as the ‘toy train’. There are plenty of accommodation options present in the hill station for tourists to choose from.

The hotels and resorts are present across all budget segments ranging from the luxury hotels to the economy and budget hotels thus, catering to all tastes and preferences. Plenty of tour operators also take care of Darjeeling hotel bookings along with travel paraphernalia ensuring a hassle free and enjoyable trip for the numerous travelers visiting the region. Darjeeling gets pretty cold in the winters and as such the region offers the perfect summer escape to tourists.

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