Tanzania is East Africa with its capital city of Dodoma. This country is known around the world-famous natural attractions. It is also home to many parks in the western and southern parts of the country. Tanzania tourist attractions attracts many nature lovers from different parts of the world.

Dar es Salaam, the capital of Tanzania. Travel essentially start with the Dar es Salaam, Zanzibar Island is located near the airport. Some of the most popular attractions in Dar es Salaam Monitoring the hill (it Facilities and Campus University of Dar es Salaam), the National Museum (home Nutcracker human skull) and the Village Museum (traditional housing and crafts exhibition). Dar es Salaam is actually one of the major tourist destinations in Tanzania.

Kilimanjaro is the highest mountain in Africa, near the city of Moshi, and many have tried to conquer the mountain on foot.

This Haggi Wa tribe. Mount Kilimanjaro is protected by strict environmental laws in order to preserve their various eco-systems. Many experienced climbers and lovers to visit this place. Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the major tourist destinations in Tanzania. In Zanzibar Island is one of the tropical islands and has a UNESCO World Heritage Site status. It is home to many beautiful beaches. One of the main attractions of Zanzibar Stone Town, mosques, bazaars and lively old Arab architecture. This island is also working on Zanzibar International Film Festival (Ziff), also known as the Dhow Festival. You should also visit the spice plantations, which is the very foundation of the existence of Zanzibar. Zanzibar is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Tanzania.

Lake Tanganyika is the world’s second deepest and longest fresh water lake.

There is also a gateway to the Gombe stream and Mahal Mountains National Park. Mafia Island is another tourist attraction in Tanzania. Tourists mainly visit this Big game fishing destination. Arusha National Park is located within Ngurdodto crater, which is an extinct volcano. Here you will witness various animal species such as rhino, elephant, giraffe, buffalo and Warthog.

Serengeti National Park, which spreads over 14,763 square kilometers is considered to be the best park in Africa. It is home to 35 species of animals such as lion, cheetah, zebra, gazelle, wildebeest and many spectacular birds.

Responsible tourism should be a two way learning experience. You will learn about the country’s tourist culture [and a lot about myself] and the culture of visiting the benefits of your interaction. Friendship and bonds can reach far into the future. In 2001, an American friend of mine has visited Usambara mountains to the safari. The visit affected her so much she returned four years later we come and live and work in Tanzania. She is busy organizing the elementary school building and the number of employees.

Tanzania food mainly consists of fish products, beef products, fruits, desserts, Indian Chapatis, rice and porridge. All dishes are prepared with coconuts in Tanzania. Main dishes Ugala Tanzania, coconut bean soup, fruit squash, ducklings Dare es Salaam, and much more.

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