?Plastic rice made by mixing potatoes, sweet potatoes and Chinese polymer (plastic) is similar to natural rice and can hardly be differentiated by mere look?, reports Oryza.com, a leading hub for global rice news, research, and analysis.

This type of plastic rice is said to be causing gastritis and other stomach related diseases and experts say it is becoming an alarming situation these days.

The same biotechnology system is used in producing some brands of pasta and other ?noodle-like? foods we crave for and the earlier this is checked, the better for humanity?s existence.

This type of rice, investigations have proven are sold in China, India, Nepal and Singapore. But fears are the ?plastic product? is in Africa, the largest consumer of Chinese products.

Consumers of the plastic rice in Kerala, Southern India stated that the plastic rice is undetectable because they are mixed with the normal farm rice from China. However, when cooked, it remains hard and forms a plastic sheath on the surface. This sheath, when burned with fire, burns exactly like plastic.


Experts say there is no scientific rice testing method developed yet detect this artificial rice from the original farm one at the points of entry into countries except the ?sheath burning method?. Scientists are therefore being called upon all over the world to help avert this cancerous agenda being embarked on by some industry players to cause disease and death on mass scale.


Coming to Ghana, Spy News Agency is calling on the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) to begin checking samples of rice on the market, especially those from China and also to educate importers on the dangers of importing unwholesome food substances into the country.


Local rice production should be boosted by injecting capital into the sector. In extension, this should be done for the entire agricultural sector so as to make Ghanaians eat healthy and wholesome foods.

Source: Emmanuel Tsedey , Spy News Agency


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