Veteran Ghanaian actor Dan Tei Mensah has become a born again Christian and will spend the rest of his life propagating the gospel, ?News-One? has gathered.

The actor has ?repented? and given his life to Christ, joining the league of Ghanaian entertainers who have found solace in serving God. He is now a spirit-filled, tongue-speaking, heaven-bound Christian who now goes about preaching as well as going on evangelism to help win souls for Christ.

Information available to ?News-One? says Dan Tei Mensah will be mounting the podium this coming weekend as a main speaker at a three-day revival programme organised by the Apostolic Church-Ghana at Nii Boiman Central in Accra.

The programme, under the theme, The End Time, starts from 8am to 12pm each day from August 19 to 21. Dan is yet to speak about his new life and clear the air about whether he will continue to pursue his acting career or not.

Dan Tei Mensah is described as one of Ghana?s favourite actors whose contributions have helped Ghana?s movie industry. He professionally started acting in the 1985 movie, Ogboo Nana, starring Alhaji Sidiku Buari, after which he starred in rested sitcom Thursday Theatre, Showcase In Ga and other TV productions.

Prior to that, the then Ministry of Health organised a drama troupe called Hewale, of which he was a member. Over the years, he has featured in a lot of movies including Shadows From The Past, Without Her Concern, Wedlock, Man-Woman and a host of others.

Source: News-One


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