The documentary’s director is surprised that the late King of Pop’s niece – the daughter of Michael’ brother Jackie Jackson – has said she dated Wade for seven years because the time period they would have to be together doesn’t “make a huge amount of sense” in the time line of Wade’s life.

Speaking to Australian radio show 2DayFM Breakfast, Dan said: “Well it doesn’t make a huge amount of sense, now she’s saying they were together for seven years, now he [Wade] met his wife Amanda when he was 19 or maybe even younger so that would have meant that Brandi was in a sexual relationship with Wade from the age of 12… really? I’ve spoken to Joy Robson about this and she said they were sort of childhood sweethearts as far as she knew and she’d drop Wade at Brandi’s house from the age of 12 or 13.

That doesn’t make that much sense. Also the intense period of Wade’s, it’s terrible to say it, sexual relationship with Michael Jackson was from the age of seven, until the age of nine, it was the honeymoon period when they were seeing each other a lot, they had occasional meetings after that where they would follow the old pattern and end up having sex, but it’s conceivable Jackson certainly had other relationships and Wade could as well.

“The fact that he was boyfriend and girlfriend with Brandi at the age of 12 or 13 doesn’t mean he wasn’t seeing Jackson too but I don’t really follow the logic.”

The 54-year-old filmmaker also explained that since the documentary has aired in America, US and Australia, he has received messages of “gratitude” from people who can relate to Wade and James Safechuck’s alleged experiences after previously receiving a lot of abusive messages from Jackson fans before and immediately it aired.

Dan said: “Well when the film was announced with Sundance there was an immediate reaction within minutes, and we had torrents of nasty emails but it’s all died down now and I know this sounds corny but the messages of hate have been replaced by messages of love and gratitude from people who really connected with the film or had experiences that made them relate to Wade and James so it’s been a real turnaround.

“I thought this was a really, really important story to tell, I thought it could be a comfort to a lot of people who have also been victims of child sexual abuse.”


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