Joe kept making himself hated by his friends and Samantha just joined him as this season?s villain on ?Bachelor in Paradise?. Juelia did tell Samantha all about Joe, but she barely listened to Juelia. The girls were shocked by Samantha?s reaction as Clare told the camera, ?Joe definitely screwed Juelia over, but what Samantha did is 10,000 times worse.?

Tanner and Jared then came together to confront Joe and Samantha, but the couple refused to talk to them. In the room, Samantha who didn?t realize that the cameraman was still filming them came up with a fake story about they never having been in contact beforehand.

?Maybe you can just say, ?I contacted her, she didn?t want to know anything about me and we waited and it worked out really well, thank God,? ? she intrusted Joe. ?But I don?t think you should come across defensive like you are right now,? she added before she noticed the camera.

Meanwhile, Ashley S. who was still upset after Dan broke up with her was thrilled to see her friend Amber joining them. It, however, was before Amber used her date card to ask Dan out. Dan tried to be a gentleman and talked to Ashley S., who is Amber?s friend, first before formally accepting the date offer, but it didn?t work well and Ashley S. only got more upset. ?Crazy Ashley is back,? so Jade declared.

Dan and Amber went on a date anyway and they had a good time in Puerto Vallarta. They walked under the moonlight, had a romantic dinner and kissed. Dan told the camera, ?I?m really feeling good about it so far because Amber?s amazing!? He admitted, ?I was going to make a concerted effort not to make out with her tonight, and I just couldn?t help myself.?

JJ and Megan also found out that they liked each other during their date. They went jet skiing and hanging out on a boat. JJ confessed, ?Even though we?re different intellectually, every time I look at her I think she?s gorgeous.?

When JJ returned from his date, Tanner and Jared gave him an update about Joe. JJ confronted Joe about his bad behavior toward Juelia. Things got intense after Joe called JJ the ?dumbest guy? he?d met in his life and walked away. JJ said he would ?make [Joe] look like the hillbilly he is because he?s going to go home with about four teeth missing.?



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