SDLP East Derry MLA John Dallat


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SDLP East Derry MLA John Dallat has described a violent robbery at the home of an elderly couple in Kilrea as a ?night of terror? after visiting the couple?s family home this morning.

He said:

?I visited the home of this couple this morning (Wednesday) where they recounted their experience of the previous night and quite frankly you couldn?t make it up.

?Three raiders, two of them of stocky build, possibly with Ballymoney accents  and a third who may have been from Belfast took advantage of the arrival of the couple?s daughter and burst into the home where all three were manhandled in the most violent way.

?The family was bound up with cable ties. A gun and a baseball bat were produced and their daughter was told that the raiders knew money was in the house and if it wasn?t handed over the father would be shot.

?The father tried to reason with the raiders and calm them down because they were highly agitated and there was genuine fear that the gun would be used and someone would be killed. After getting  money which the daughter had been carrying the thieves pulled out the telephone cable and gave warning that if the police were contacted the raiders would return and shoot them.

?After the raiders left the father managed to get a scissors and they cut each other free before alerting the police from another phone.

?A police patrol which had been in the town was at the home within minutes and set up checkpoints but unfortunately the thieves escaped.

?Kilrea is a very peaceful town with no thieving incidents for a long time. This couple have resided in the town for over twenty years and are highly respected by everyone. The community is appalled and disgusted at the treatment they have received.

?Anyone with any information about this raid should get in touch with the PSNI immediately.?


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