Daley Ojuederie and Hazel O'Sullivan
Daley Ojuederie and Hazel O’Sullivan

Daley Ojuederie insists he “feels nothing” for ‘Big Brother’ housemate Hazel O’Sullivan and wasn’t even attracted to her in the house, despite their flirty relationship.

The boxer – who was booted off the show for his aggressive behaviour towards the model – had a flirty relationship with the Irish beauty but things got out of hand during a drunken night which saw Hazel pull down his shorts, prompting Daley to grab her by the throat and threaten to “nut her”, leading to her complaining to producers.

And as well as being kicked off the show, Daley was quizzed by police over his antics and dumped by long-term girlfriend Katie Cotterie. Though Hazel is now out of the house following her eviction on Friday (09.08.13), he insists he isn’t interested in her.

Daley said: “I feel nothing for Hazel. We’re not friends. I want to win Katie back. Even if it takes five years.

“If Hazel walked through the door right now, I would walk right out.

“I feel nothing for Hazel. I have moved on. I don’t like her in that way and I certainly won’t be dating or marrying her.

“The police asked questions about what happened but they told me there won’t be any caution or charges.”

After leaving the house, Hazel gushed about “sexy” Daley and their “chemistry” – but he insists he didn’t fancy her at all in the house and was just feeling sexually frustrated.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: “Hazel was never my type. Glamour girls are not my type. In the outside world I would never go after a girl like that.

“I’d been without sex for six weeks. I told Hazel she could only hug me for 10 seconds and then she had to let go otherwise I’d get aroused.

“I missed Katie and the physical contact and I was sensitive down there.

“But despite everything we never had sex or kissed in that house.”


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