The management of DAILY POST Newspaper, has raised the alarm that its Facebook page has been hacked by a faceless group.

wpid-facebook-logo.pngAccording to a release signed by the Chief Executive Officer of the newspaper, James Bamisaye, the group, claiming to be a political organisation, hacked into the DAILY POST Facebook account last week and have been posting videos mostly related to Nigeria’s terror group, Boko Haram, using Arabic as its language medium.

Bamisaye said: “It has become pertinent to alert our readers and the security agencies that the Facebook page of DAILY POST Newspaper has been hacked into by an unidentified group posing as a political organisation.”

“The hackers, posting exclusively in Arabic, have been posting videos supposedly gotten from Aljazeera, the Qatar based international news channel and the videos are basically on Boko Haram.

“As a news medium operating both online and print, we have done all we could to control what goes on the page but could not because the hackers are suspected to have redirected the URL, taking the page beyond our control.

“As a responsible media organisation that has over the years actively contributed to national development, unity and peaceful coexistence of Nigerians, we declare that we have nothing to do with the images, videos and postings that have been made on the page lately, including the profile picture. To us, those are offensive and are clearly against the use of our medium to propagate such.

“We have been making efforts to rectify the problem, including reaching out to the management of Facebook to help sort out the problem.”

Continuing, Bamisaye called on readers of DAILY POST and its Facebook followers to disregard such offensive postings on the page, as it does not in anyway represent the views of the medium.

He also called on the security agencies to take note of this and act accordingly.


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