Art workThe dynamic singing sisters,?D’Adshas?are back again with another up tempo track that is sure to rock the dance floor. This new track is titled?Ekomosi (Spiritual Ekombi)?an Efik song featuring ft?Upper-X, a Calabar Hip Hop rapper.
Ekomosi is a follow up to other stellar D’Adshas hits like Tinkinkinik featuring Dammy Krane, Ego N? Ekwu feat. K-Large, etc. They have had their songs aired on major radio stations around Lagos and Calabar and recently went on a major tour of cities in the Southern part of Nigeria.?
Ekomosi is the traditional drum of the Efik people and the spiritual ekombi is a traditional Efik dance. As you listen to this infectious song, get ready to dance till you drop.


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