HAMMAA Da? Hammer insults bloggers; warns them to keep off! HAMMAA

Da? Hammer insults bloggers; warns them to keep off! His comments?followed an article on Viasat 1?s website and many other websites with the caption, ?I still feel haunted by Irene Asante?s death ? Hammer?.

The article was gleaned from his interview on the ?Delay Talk Show?, hosted by Delores Frimpong Manso where he shared a story about his life with his ex-lover and mother of his two children, Irene Nana Aba Asante.

But he said, they were not compatible as an intimate couple, but they were the best of friends, adding that they were at loggerheads before the unfortunate incident. Unfortunately, he could not make peace with her and that would haunt him.

He said, ?What hurts me is that I did not get to talk to her again after the Reebok shop incident before she died. I got a text message from her though, and I can reveal it to you later on, but I did not meet her. We did not speak and we never had contact until I was called on phone and told of her death. And that would forever haunt me, that I could not make peace with her?.

He also warned bloggers and said, ?How stupid can some bloggers and writers be. I said I?m haunted by who?!! Either most of u need help with English or your appetite for traffic to your blogs has reached sadistic levels.”

“…. A beg [I beg] Don?t waste your time adding me to your celebrity ?exaggerate and misquote trend?? I?m not a celebrity, I?m a social activist/producer? No gimmicks, we [are] on some higher consciousness. ……. Keep off!?, he said.




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