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BLACK AVENUE CLOTHINGHip-hop sensation D-Black will soon unveil his clothing line called Black Avenue Clothing, targeting consumers in the age group of 10-40 years. The line created this year itself, was developed with an eye to present comfortable and reasonably priced premium street wears for the youngsters and fashion lovers who have adopted the rapper’s style of hip-hop/hip-life.


Polo shirts, T-shirts, sports jackets, sweat shirts, vests and fitted caps will be included in the collection.

In spite of being an urban clothing line in the Ghanaian market, the new collection would be quite reasonably priced for the real hip-hop and hip-life music fans, D-Black said. The new line would be quite trendy and the apparel pieces would be made from best quality fabric to afford the wearer with a sense of comfort and confidence, he added.

Black Avenue Clothing’s first line ‘The Revelation’ would hit the markets in June this year, just before the release of D-Black’s sophomore album, ‘The Revelation’ in August/September.

Make sure you grab a copy of his new album and support the black avenue clothing line . BUY MADE IN GHANA BY GHANA! Leave your comments below!!

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