d black Money Over Bars D-Black Buys A Night Club. Money Over Bars D-Black Buys A Night Club. d black1

He might suck at rap but when it come to making money, he knows how they do it??Yes! Black Avenue Music boss and rapper D-Black has bought a night club?Club ONYX inside airport residential.

The rapper announced this in a shot video on his instagram page few hours ago with the caption?..

Whassup everybody, today i informally announce the acquisition and opening of the brand new Club ONYX, a new nightclub venture i?ve taken on!! We about to change the nightlife scene in Accra with the beautifully plush night club were set to open in the next 3 months with some of the continents finest dj?s on the decks and incredible hosting services !! So ladies and gentlemen I present to you Club ONYX, the soon to be opened night spot where revelers can enjoy their drink & music, in a relaxed but a musically hyper and recharged environ. Grand Opening loading !!!

This guy is brilliant??amidst the buzz of DJ Black calling him a sucker at rap?.he decides to announce his new acquisition??trying to say, you do the talking while i make the money?

Black didn?t just buy any new club, but?a club located on?one of the most expensive addresses in the capital-Accra?..and with such a location you know what to expect when it starts operating.

Source: ghanavibes.com


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