D-Black gets ‘Jesus Christ’ tattoo (Photos)

d black tatooGhanaians may not be too familiar with tattoos and may look down on individuals with tattoos on their skins as gangstas and vagabonds but Ghanaian Hip Hop mogul Desmond ‘D-Black‘ Blackmore has secured his fifth (5th) tattoo on his recent tour to South Africa.

The tattoo which resembles Jesus Christ has been has been crafted on his right arm. Although reasons for this tattoo and particularly a resemblance of Jesus christ has not yet been spelt out by the Ghanaian Hip Hop music icon, rumour has it that some media personalities have already condemned this idea of tattoos by our celebrities.

It must be stated that, D-Black is not the only Ghanaian to have tattoos on his body. Amongst them is beautiful female singer and first lady of Lynx Entertainment Mildred Ashong popularly known as Eazzy. Updates on this story coming



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