A man suspected of planning attacks similar to those carried out in Norway by Anders Behring Breivik has been arrested in the Czech Republic, according to police.

Police said an assault rifle, explosives, ammunition and police clothing were found in his apartment.
The 29-year-old old man was detained in the eastern city of Ostrava a week ago.
Breivik, dressed as a police officer, shot dead 69 people on an island after setting off a bomb in Oslo last year.
The BBC’s Rob Cameron in Prague says police in Ostrava were alerted to the suspect because he used the name of Breivik in email correspondence.
Police searched the apartment on 10 August, but have only now disclosed details of what was found.
Our correspondent says police raided the property after being tipped off that he was planning to detonate a large explosive device crafted from an aircraft bomb.
The man was carrying a remote controlled detonator when he was arrested, he says.
At a news conference, police said they did not know the suspect’s intended target, but said the explosives, weapons and ammunition were all functional.
On 22 July 2011, Breivik, a right-wing militant, killed eight people in a bomb attack in Oslo before gunning down another 69 in a youth camp on the island of Utoeya.
Judges are set to decide next week whether he is sane or insane, and therefore whether he will be given a long prison sentence or be sent to a secure psychiatric ward.


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