The Community Youth Cultural Centre (CYCC) will organise this year’s vacation camp from August 21 to August 29, in Accra.

The National Commission on Culture in collaboration with the Ministry of Youth and Sports designed a Community Youth Cultural Programme to address the socio-cultural needs and aspirations of the youth of Ghana, who constitute over 54 per cent of the population.

Hajia Akosua Abdallah, the Director of CYCC, told the GNA that the objectives of the Centre include: too respond to and satisfy the out-of-school recreational and leisure time needs of the youth and to identify and realize the talents of the young persons.

She said it was also to enhance the creative and cultural abilities of the youth and channel their energies into positive use, to promote the positive values of patriotism and co-operation and to prepare the youth as an important human resource for national development.

She said the Commission uses the Community Youth Cultural Centre to organize various programmes for the youth around Maamobi, Nima, Kanda catchment area in order to achieve the set objectives.

The Director said the Commission believes that every child has special talents that must be harnessed and that the classroom alone was not enough to unveil these talents.

“There are children, who may not perform very well in class but have hidden talents that do not manifest in the classroom, therefore, the need to provide a platform for such children,” she said.

She said in view of this the CYCC provided training in Performing Arts, visual arts and vocational trade such as tie and dye, basket weaving and bead-making among others.

She said as part of their special programmes which includes vacation camps, which was also an important aspect of the Centre’s programme organized to fully occupy the youth during the long vacation.

Source: GNA/