Mr Lawrence Obeng, the Birim Central Municipal Officer for Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA), has appealed to households to consult the CWSA for advice before constructing a wells for water or latrines.wpid-oilwellsnigeria-480x360.jpg
He said his office was prepared to advice communities and individuals on how to construct wells to get good drinking water and avoid contamination and infections.
Mr Obeng said this in an interaction with the Ghana News Agency Media Auditing and Tracking of Developments Project Team at Akim Oda.
The project, which is sponsored by STAR-Ghana, aims at promoting local participation in governance to ensure the socio-economic development of the municipality.
To prove a point that a household?s latrine was draining into their drinking water, Mr Obeng asked the household to put kerosene in their latrine. The next day they tasted kerosene in the water from the well constructed few metres away from the latrine.
He advised people to abide by the guidelines of CWAS to help protect their health and that of their communities.





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