The CWG Ghana used the Games to develop team spirit and also deepen friendship with some of its clients, including Vodafone and Beige Capital.
Computer Warehouse Group Plc
All the three teams used the opportunity to fraternise and pledged to make it a regular affair.

Mrs Harriet Yartey, CWG Ghana Country Manager, said the event was organised to bring some clients of CWG together to celebrate the good relationship, adding that,“It is a show of appreciation for the business we do and a great relationships we had over the years.”

She said the company hopes to use the occasion to build on their business relationships and encourage staff camaraderie outside the formal setting.

“It is to create an opportunity to ‘de-stress’ from a hectic, but thankfully, successful business year,” she added

She said the company plans to make the event an annual one for all clients, and that, other sporting disciplines would be added.



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