Emmanuel Byiringiro

Rwanda Cricket Association’s Emmanuel Byiringiro is happy with the new equipment donated by Cricket without Boundaries.The New Times

The equipment was donated by Cricket without Boundaries, a volunteer organisation that uses the game of cricket to spread messages about AIDS in different schools in different corners of the world.

“They (Cricket without Boundaries) have been our biggest partners in helping introduce the game to different parts of the country,” RCA Secretary General Emmanuel Byiringiro said.

The NGO also helps to train cricket coaches in the country, on top of teaching high school students the ABC of prevention against AIDS.

The cricket equipment that was given to the National Cricket Association includes Pads, Balls, Bats, Gloves and T-Shirts.

Richard Thurston, the project leader of CWB, says it is trying to help in boosting the game in the country.

“We create awareness about HIV and Aids through cricket and it is satisfying to do our best in boosting the sport in Rwanda.”Thurston, who works with the BBC said.

By Ostine Arinaitwe, The New Times


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