amboley-hi5n-day-2-682x1024 Current musicians do not learn music ? Ambolley amboley hi5n day 2

According to Mr. Ambolley, the current crop of songs do not portray the country?s identity

Highlife legend, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, has said that the current crop of songs do not portray the country?s identity because this generation of musicians are not learning music as they should.

Speaking to Abrantepa on Radio Univers? mid-morning show,Brunch2Lunch, the ?Simigwa Do Man? advised young musicians to focus on exhibiting the Ghanaian culture and identity in their music.

?Of late, our songs do not portray our identity as Ghanaians. Jamaica is noted for reggae and dancehall, South Africa for Salsa, America for Jazz and Hip pop; but in Ghana, outsiders are unable to identify our songs. The reason is, young and current crop of artistes do not learn music. Everything is computerized. What we should take note of is, the whites programmed the drumline, baseline etc to their style?, he said.

Mr. Ambolley, however, stated that if artistes still want to stick to the ideas of the whites, then there should be a modification. According to him, artistes should blend their songs with some aspects of the country?s culture.

?I am not saying we should all do highlife; rather, we should modify. There is nothing wrong with doing dancehall songs. Just that there is no identity to it. Why should Ghanaians sing in Patois? Samini is from the north; why won?t he sing on a dancehall beat in his local dialect? Stonebwoy is an Ewe; why won?t he sing in Ewe to portray his identity?? he wondered.



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