7 DAYS TO PASSING OUT PARADE, a corps member said to be serving in Imo state? has been murdered and displayed in his uniform at Owerri Anglican Bishop?s borne arena in Owerri. Speaking on the matter, a witness told?LEGISREPORTS?that they came out in the morning and found the body on the ground, regretting that such ugly incident took place in the city, while gunmen or the perpetrators of the act, ran away unhurt.
murder-knifeHis body was lying low as the?LEGISREPORTS?visited the area. A source said to the?LESGISREPORTS?that there must be a concerted move to handle such problem in the state in future. The Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state could not respond when contacted. But a source said residents in the area have deserted from the vicinity.

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