If you are looking to sense striking Caribbean feel, plan Holidays to Cuba. This is the country where scarcity of natural beauty and thrilling adventure is not known. Havana, the capital city is one of the most visited regions in Cuba. Apart from beaches and intriguing beach life, the capital city also acts as one of the top cigar producers in the world.

Large number of people plan All Inclusive holidays to Cuba especially to visit the Cigar factories in the capital city of Cuba. There are number of factories and shops from where you can buy variety of cigars at affordable price. Some of the best places to buy cigars are Partagas, Cohiba, and Montecristo at the Tobacco Museum. There are several cigar shops at La Casa del Habano y La Casa del Tabaco. La Real Fabrica is not only famous for buying cigars but also to be a part of the cigar tours.

Besides cigars, Havana is also famous for Rum.

Shopaholics enjoying Cuba holidays must visit Rones cubanos La Habana. This is the store where you would find wide range of rums. One of the most exclusive brands that you would come across in the store is Solera San Cristobal. This brand was created to celebrate the 480th anniversary of Havana. Other popular rum brands you can choose from are Mulato, La Palma, Cienfuegos and Bucanero. Rum is not only the only thing that you can buy from Solero San Cristobal. Variety of books and Cuban music CDs are the popular souvenirs.

Your shopping spree in Havana is incomplete without buying coffee. Cuba is not among the top coffee producers in the world however, you can easily find high quality coffee beans.

If you are fond of coffee, you must visit Havana while spending Holidays in Cuba. To buy ground coffee, visit La Casa del Cafe at Cafe Habano. While waiting for your order, you can sip delicious coffee. In supermarkets as well, you can buy great coffee. Some of the popular coffee brands in the city are Serrano, Extra Turquino, Cubita, Crystal Mountain and Hola Turquino.

Guayaberas is considered as one of the most important piece of Latin American wardrobe and it was invented in Cuba in 1709. Today Guayaberas is available in several modern version. Popular places from where you can buy the cloth are La Feria de Artesania and the Quitrin shop. Cuba all inclusive holidays would be considered incomplete, if you don’t buy Guayaberas.

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