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Kenya may soon be the next country in Africa after Egypt to be hit by a new malware targeting Android devices.

FireEye security researchers discovered the Android-based adware now dubbed Kemoge. The malware is allegedly from China.

Kemoge masquerades as a safe existing app and tricks users into downloading it through applications such as Google Play Store.

So far the adware has spread to over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and the United States.


?On the initial launch, Kemoge collects device information and uploads it to the ad server, and then it pervasively serves ads from the background. Victims see ad banners periodically regardless of the current activity (ads even pop up when the user stays on the Android home screen),? a report on the Kemoge malware reads.

The potent malware has the capability to uninstall antivirus software even in highly protected Android devices.

Users are advised to watch out for suspicious links from emails, SMS, websites, advertisements and avoid apps outside official stores as well as keep Android devices updated.

The Kemoge malware currently imitates apps such as Assistive Touch, Calculator, Kiss Browser, Smart Touch, Shareit, Privacy Lock, Easy Locker, 2048kg,Talking Tom 3, Wi-Fi Enhancer and Light Browser.



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