Cristiano Ronaldo has become a hero once more after finding a phone while out in Las Vegas and returning it to the owner. And then taking her and her very attractive friends out for dinner.

The Real Madrid heartthrob happened to stumble across Austin Woolstenhulme?s phone while on holiday in the same part of the world and arranged to hand it back. Being the classy gentleman that he is, Ronaldo also accompanied said phone owner and her pals for a night out.

Woolstenhulme said:

?Bad news is I lost my phone two days ago. Good news is Cristiano Ronaldo found it. Better news is he took us to dinner last night.?

Apart from wondering how exactly he worked out her passcode to be able to get into the phone and call the owner, or how many of her photographs he scrolled through before deciding not to sell it on eBay (one), there is nothing else really to add to this. There?s no actual information, you see. Other than that the girls went back to his hotel room?

It certainly sounds like a night to remember. If we speculate, perhaps we can assume that Ronaldo was taking the girls out as a way to help promote his latest venture: one of those electronic muscle zapper things that gives you great abs while watching Netflix. And definitely works.

If anyone has ever used one of these things to any sort of success, it would be great to hear from you. It?s not that I?m too lazy to go to the gym, it?s just that? I really like watching Netflix.



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