Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) in collaboration with Progressive Life Centre (PCL) has taken another giant step by organizing a five- days capacity building training for 20 selected prison officers in Criminogenic Behaviour Change Treatment in Accra.

Sadly, young people who fall into conflict with the law are put into jail or youth Correctional Centres and when they are released they indulge in more crimes.

It is obvious that, this happens due to the absence of supporting systems for effective re-integration of these juvenile offenders into the society.

However, it is in this regard, CRRECENT has been working around the clock to propose a structured re-integration mechanism for such juvenile offenders in the country.

According to the Executive Director of Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) Mrs. Susan Sabaa, who was speaking at the opening ceremony of a five- days capacity building training for 20 selected officers, dubbed: “The juvenile offender Management and Criminogenic Behaviour Change Treatment” in Accra, noted that CRRECENT is dedicated to the promotion of child and youth protection and development.

This she said, it is in this regard, her outfit took a judicious step by partnering with Progressive Life Centre (PCL) an organization that provides healthy psychosocial well-being services to deliver a-five-days training for selected prison officers in criminogenic behaviour change therapy for juvenile offenders at the Senior Correctional Centre.

Criminogenic Unit It is place where potential barriers facing inmates are maximised and overcome through the benefits of laid down interventions.

“Today we are witnessing the beginning of what will eventually become a Criminogenic Behaviour Change Unit within the counselling unit of this centre. The Unit when operational will enhance behaviour reformation at the Senior Correctional Centre and subsequently facilitate effective re-integration into society,” she stated.

According her, their vision is to contribute to building a well-integrated society that recognizes children in every sector and which creates the necessary space and opportunity to respond to their developmental needs.

“Recent upsurge in armed robbery cases involving the youth who invariably have had juvenile offending records. What we are beginning today will contribute immensely to prevent escalation of criminal behaviour after release.

These young people did not become delinquent overnight and so any intervention seeking to restore normalcy will have to be diligent and systematic over time and that is what is being birthed today. It may be challenging but doable and collectively, we will do it for this country,” she hinted.
One of CRRECENT’s flagship programmes is the re-integration of juvenile offenders into society. Since 2011, the organisation has affected the lives of over 200 discharged juveniles aged between 16-22 years and their families in this re-integration programme.

The programme for discharged juveniles is driven by our work philosophy that, every child, given the opportunity, can make it in life.
This opportunity and support must however be timely and take into account the life cycle needs for the growing child.
Dysfunctional homes, poverty and weak policy implementation increasingly have become leading causes for delinquency among children and youth in society.
The recent twin policies for Child and Family Welfare and Justice for Children provide a very strong framework, which if implemented fully, will protect and strengthen families and children; prevent delinquency and juvenile crime to a large extent.

As a nation, we ought to take child and youth development and protection very serious, and strengthen the educational system at the basic level to minimize dropout rate, in view of the fact that a good number of the juveniles are drop outs at the basic level.

Mrs. Sabaa, has therefore appealed to the government to support the implementation of these policies with the necessary resources in order to secure our future human resources who are the young ones.
She also seized the opportunity to advise Ghanaians to desist from stigmatizing juvenile offenders who are reintegrated into the society.
CHILD RESEARCH AND RESOURCE CENTRE (CRRECENT) is a civil society institution that focuses on evidence-based programmes to promote child and youth rights and development as a direct function of national development.

By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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