An Accra High Court judge who was implicated in a case he was presiding over has handed over the case to the Criminal Investigation Department of the Ghana Police.

Justice Edward Amoako Asante has been accused of showing interest in buying the plaintiff?s car meant for auction and wanted the CID to investigate the allegations.

The High Court judge has been accused by the auctioneer, Kwesi Haizel, of showing interest in buying one of the cars meant for auction.

The plaintiff, George Essandoh, has moved to set aside the auction sale since the valuation report which was done by the State Transport Company, had in his view, been tampered with.

He explained in open court on May 14, 2013, that his lawyer, Rockson Dafeamerkpor had told the court the value of the two vehicles; a Honda 2010 Civic for GH?7,000 and a 2005 Toyota Yaris for GH?6,000.

The figures stated by the lawyer in court, according to the valuation report, was a significant reduction as against the GH?15,000 for the Honda Civic and GH?8,000 for the Toyota as stated in the original valuation report done by the State Transport Company.

In a transcript of his testimony in court, Mr. Essandoh said the auctioneer had earlier called him saying the presiding judge was interested in buying one of the cars and that the judge?s driver was fronting for him.

He enquired from his lawyer, Rockson Dafeamerkpor, who asked that he did not question the judge since, in his words, ?that is what most of the judges do?.

The plaintiff then pressed to see the judge in his chamber to clear his doubts.

But the Presiding Judge, Justice Edward Amoako Asante, when questioned by the plaintiff in his chamber in the presence of the court clerk and registrar denied ever showing interest.

The plaintiff then placed a call to the auctioneer in front of the judge and the auctioneer maintained the judge had showed interest in the matter. That was what prompted the plaintiff?s call for the auction sale to be set aside.

The Police CID received the documents from the clerk of the High Court to study and determine their next line of action. The complainant, George Essandoh has written his statement to aid in investigations.

The lawyer, Rockson Dafeamerkpor has declined comment for now.

Source: Myjoyonline


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