Ohio Police has arrested two Ghanaians suspects outside of a Kroger store after store attendants believed the purchases the tow made were suspicious.


Goshen Police Chief, Rick Combs indicated that the two men, Richard Boakye, 28, and Abama Akanova, 24, both of Ghana, were picked up outside the Kroger at 6725 Dick Flynn Blvd. Feb. 7.
According to Combs, when both men were interrogated and after thorough investigations, they recovered 192 gift cards and 81 money orders valued at more than $35,000.
The police also recovered two laptop computers and a credit card reader from their car.
The Police Chief also averred that the two men were charged with receiving stolen property.
The case is expected to lift up to the federal level as Boakye and Akanova are both being held in the Clermont County Jail.

Source: spyGhana.com


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