A recent survey on HIV launched in Accra on Monday 02April estimates Ghana?s HIV prevalence rate is expected to decline 0.2 points to 1.3 percent by 2015.the study also reveals that the infection rate in young adults will continue to rise as a result of several factors including high risk activities among this age group.


It is on this backdrop that Creative minds multimedia, CMM, a campus marketing agency collaborated with Planned Parenthood Association of Ghana, PPAG to undertake an epic HIV/AIDs awareness campaign on knust campus. The aim of this partnership is to equip the campus brand ambassadors of CMM to encourage conversation among their peers and educating them on sexuality, contraception, safe sexual practices, STI?s & HIV/AIDS prevention.


As part of the collaboration, PPAG organized a technical workshop on Saturday 15th September at the KNUST office to train the campus ambassadors of CMM on HIV/AIDS and Contraceptive use. The ambassadors were taken through practical sessions including condom use, HIV/AIDS counseling, ways to reduce stigmatization and many others.


Creative Minds Multimedia proposed as part of their implementation strategy to use social media; facebook, twitter, google plus accounts to Engage, Promote, Share Content and build networks online to propagate awareness on HIV/AIDS. The other strategies put forward include using blogs to share stories to encourage responsible lifestyles, door to door campaigns and presentation at student group meetings.


Speaking with www.watsuptek.com after training, Musa Frimpong, a coordinator and senior peer educator with PPAG was greatly impressed with the enthusiasm and passion exhibited by the campus brand ambassadors of CMM. ?Their proposed strategy to use social media and other innovative services, hand in hand with a door to door campaign would immensely impact students on campus? he said.? He charged the ambassadors to do detailed research in order to satisfactory answer all questions their colleagues on campus will ask them.


-Source: Brian Dzansi Dzidefo



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