A Tillsonburg, Ont., man says he’s lucky to be alive after an 11-kilogram wild turkey smashed through the windshield of his transport truck. Andy Hutcheson was driving a shipment of lumber on Hwy. 401 near Trenton, Ont., early Wednesday when the bird came out of the ditch and he struck it going 105 km/h, sending it up in the air.

The bird then shattered through the windshield, landing in the seat next to him.

“It was just kind of sitting there stunned for a bit and then started flailing around and got down around my feet. It’s a wonder I didn’t lose control and put the truck in the ditch,” Hutcheson said.

The experienced truck driver was able to safely steer his transport truck to the side of the road.

“I tried to get it out of the truck, but it got into the bunk and was flapping around,” he said. “There was glass and feathers everywhere.”

Wild turkeys were near extinction in Ontario about 25 years ago, but a systematic reintroduction of the species has proven successful.

It’s estimated there are more than 80,000 wild turkeys in Southern Ontario by Hunting Ontario, a branch of Ontario Tourism.

The turkey ended up dying from the impact and Hutcheson strapped it to the truck as a souvenir.

“I actually don’t like turkey all that much,” he said. “It’s not my favourite food.”

It took four hours to get all of the shattered glass and feathers out of his rig, but Hutcheson says he’s not worried about getting behind the wheel again.

“I’d never heard of something like that happening before, but now I have.”

By Aaron Rathbone, QMI Agency


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