The initial inertia of the Ghana Police Service to conduct the arrest of suspects suspected to be involved in the Kumasi Court fiasco was based on intelligence and the Crime Officer of the Ghana Police Service in Ashanti Region, with experience in policing and prosecution presented innocent persons to the courts knowing very well that, under such presentation State Attorney shall have no case in the courts must not be allowed to go scot free.

He or she must be punished for doing a shoddy job and deception of the government of Nana Akuffo Addo and the people of Ghana at large.

What the Crime Officer in charge of Kumasi Court fiasco has done in this case, is to debilitate the powers of President Nana Ado in a tape purported to have dared him if anything untoward affected members of Delta Force, the vigilante group associated with the New Patriotic Party in Kumasi.

The Crime Officer also did not only tarnish the reputation of the President of Ghana who has made all his life as courageous, law abiding citizen and a freedom fighter, but has brought shame to the Ghana Police Service that, that the Police Service is a failure when it comes to unraveling and arrest of crimes committed in broad day light.

It goes further to establish that, in the government of the New Patriotic Party when heinous crimes are committed in broad day light, culprits cannot be arrested, an example is the like of the killing of Yaa Naa, the overlord of Dagbon.

The case of the intrusion and disrupting court processes in Kumasi which by those actions triggered the United Nations (UN) to call the attention of the President of Ghana to call to order and work to curb vigilantism is very serious and cast a slur and a hollow-dent on the political page of our President whom we have known to be a man of principles, law and order.

Much as the Police were not able to furnish the Attorney General Department with necessary evidence to prosecute, it has failed to respond to demands of the United Nations that they expect” all necessary measures will be taken to investigate these actions and bring the perpetrators to justice.”

If internally we have failed to live up to expectations of the UN demand to do proper investigation of issues that occurred during broad day light in Kumasi, then we must not be surprised if the UN also degrade Ghana in terms of hiring persons for Peace Keeping operations outside Ghana.

It must be noted that, whoever was responsible for investigating the Kumasi Court rabble-rouser incident has done too much damage to the government of Nana Addo and must not think the issue would die so soon because, it would embolden recruitment into the vigilante group Delta Force therefore putting national security at risk, more pressure on the Police Service and national security operatives.

These political vigilante groups if allowed to grow, they shall make wings around the country and would threaten security of the people of Ghana therefore giving other institutions, like Churches and Muslims groupings, to form their own vigilantes or with a momentum to form like-wise associations to confront or counteract actions of these vigilantes groups which the Joint Police /Military operatives would find it very difficult to handle.

We know the Minster for Interior, Honourable Ambrose Derry would not sanction the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to interfere to free suspects arrested in the Kumasi Court fiasco issue, neither would IGP Apeatu would sound stupid to interfere with such damaging and resounding case of nursing a vigilante groups such that, vigilante groups in Ghana would be emboldened to reign their terror on innocent citizens but we want the Minister under whom the Inspector General of Police takes command shall correct and call for the search and arrest of persons involved in the dastardly act of tempting and frustrating an arm of government equally established with powers like the executive arm of government.

At least we know if the real culprits were arrested and prosecuted, there are other means under the laws of Ghana for which they could be pardoned.

Now the perception of mistrust by opposition political parties is made firm and grounded by the action of the Crime Officer in Kumasi.

The severe dangers are the growth of these vigilantes groups and what they may offer us if we are not able to curb their growth.

Munir Saani

Safe Democracy Ghana