President Mahama
President Mahama

The deputy communications director for the convention peoples party in the Ashanti region Osei Kofi Acquah has described the arrest and trial of the gunman who carried gun to the ring road Assemblies of God where president Mahama worship as a possible scheme by the NDC and the office of the president just to win sympathy for the president.

President Mahama
President Mahama

According to him, the fact that a supposed assailant will walk into a crowded place like the church where he was likely to be over powered by the congregation who will again be a witness against him, raises serious suspicions.

He also said that if indeed an army officer wanted to recruit an assassin to kill the president, he would have hired a sniper and not someone who will walk into the midst of heavy security personnels of the president to kill him when there was 95% chances of failure

He reminded Ghanaians that this is not the first time a member of the NDC has claimed that some people are after his life just to win public sympathy. He made reference to the former minister Benjamin Kumbour who was alleged to have fired gunshot from the
inside of the Minister?s VW Passat saloon car, with registration
number GR4656-10 with his own JERICHO 941 PSL 9mm Pistol

He again ask Ghanaians to be vigilant and not be swayed by this story like they were with Miss Ada a supposed journalist who got the sympathy of the whole nation when it was reported that she has been gang raped. She later broke the nation’s heart when it was all a scam and that the whole thing, was orchestrated just like what the NDC wants us to believe.

He also questioned why serious investigations were not carried out after the arrest of the man, but rather he was hurried to court, and a quick judgement pronouncement was made.

He also raised concerns about why the supposed assailant was denied a state attorney even though the laws requires that he has one.
He says that all these shows a dress rehearsal scheme just to make the president appear hated and venerable and win him sympathy.

He predicted that the president may pardon the supposed gun man, so that his propagandist and communicators will taunt what a compassionate person he is. He also predicts that more of such schemes should be expected.


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