CPP Chairman’s Enskinment as Nandom Naa is Untrue – Regent

Professor Edmund Nminyem Chiir Delle
Professor Edmund Nminyem Chiir Delle

The Chiir Deri Royal family of Nandom on Friday said the family has received with shock and dismay news of the purported enskinment of Prof Edmund Nminyim Delle Chiir VIII as the new Chief of Nandom.

A statement signed by Deri Ziem Chemogoh, Regent and Head of the Chiir family and copied to the Ghana News Agency on Thursday April 12 in Accra, said ‘we wish to state unequivocally that no Chief has been enskinned.’

The statement noted that traditionally, the final funeral rites of the late Naa (Dr) Puoure Puobe Chiir VII were still being performed and would continue for the next forty days.

“The Royal family is still in grief and it is therefore unimaginable that any member of the family will be thinking of installing a new Chief at this time.”

In this regard, the purported enskinment of Adjunct Prof Edmund N. Delle as Nandom Naa should be disregarded.

“It is an attempt to disunite the Royal family and the good people of Nandom.We also wish to place on record that the alleged Head of Family, Alhaji Issifu Botug Benni Chiir is unknown to the Royal family.

“The only recognised Regent/Head of the Family is Deri Ziem Chemogoh.

“We therefore call on Edmund M. Delle and his surrogates to respect the Chiefs and good people of Nandom and allow peace to prevail.”

On Thursday, April 11, a statement signed by Alhaji Yussif Botug Benni and copied to the Ghana News Agency in Accra stated that Professor Edmund Delle was installed as the new Nandom Naa, following the successful performance of the funeral of Naa Puobi Pouri Chiir VII, who died last year.

The statement added that the new Nandom Naa was to be out-doored at a yet to be announced date.



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