The Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) has criticized yesterday?s lifting of the suspension of the operation license of DANA Airlines, calling it ?an anti-climax to a very opaque Air Accident Investigation Process.?

In a statement signed by Rotimi Fashakin, its National Publicity Secretary, CPC said that while it was not entirely averse to the lifting of the operation license of the Airline if there is an over-arching need to do so, it is pertinent to ask for the original purpose of suspending the Airline?s operation license.

?Was it to placate a traumatized citizenry and revert to the ?normal? mode once the feelings of anguish seem to have been doused by passage of time?? the statement asked.? ?How did the government arrive at the conclusion of the air-worthiness of the airline? Was it based on the conclusion of the Accident Investigation of the Accident Investigation Bureau??

It drew attention to Section 29(13) of the Nigeria Civil Aviation Act 2006, which says, ?On the basis of the findings of accident investigations the Authority shall be informed and the Director General shall take corrective actions that, in the judgment of the Authority, will prevent similar accidents in the future.?

Noting that Nigeria has seen similar things before it expressed the concern that, given the way the government has handed the accident investigation, this is not the beginning of an incipient crisis in the Aviation Industry.
The CPC asked various questions relating to the accident, the investigation and the conduct of the government, saying it feels the pain of the people in the anticipation of true leadership that can extricate this Nation from its present morass.

?It is obvious that this PDP-led Federal Government is incapable of managing the expectation of the Nigerian people for strong leadership to guarantee their safety and security,? the statement concluded.


Source: Giant Comfort


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