The animal broke free of its handler and collided with two motorcyclistsArticle | By Yinka Ojo

A commercial motorcyclist, who gave his name as Lucky, was attacked by a cow in Ijesha, Lagos, on Friday morning.

The cow, which broke away from its handler, stormed into the middle of Omilani Street in the area and collided with two motorcyclists, popularly known as Okada riders. Lucky took the worse of the collision as the rampaging cow slammed into him and threw him off the motorcycle; causing him to fracture his right wrist. The other motorcyclist escaped unscathed from the accident.

Commuters in the area panicked and fled following the inability of the animal’s handler, Bashiru, to control it. However, youths from the area mobilised and finally brought the animal under control. 

“This is one of the examples of lawlessness at its peak,” said Daniel Adeniji, a resident of the area. “How can only one small boy be controlling two cows? And why should they be passing at such a time as the morning rush hour? It is time the authorities start controlling these livestock merchants.”

Another resident of the area, who gave his name as Baba Yemi, urged the state government to ensure that cattle merchants are only allowed to move their livestock at night in the metropolis. “We can’t continue doing things like people that still live in the stone age,” he said.

Lucky was taken by sympathisers to a hospital in the area, while police officers from the Ijesha Police Station took over the situation.

Yinka Ojo

Yinka has taught at various levels of education. He has published a textbook on effective teaching practice and several academic papers in reputable journals. He is currently an education consultant. He loves writing, poetry, music and is presently working on a musical album billed to be released into the market soon. 

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