Kikelomo Ajibose Anubi, the second cousin of former president Olusegun Obasanjo is pregnant at 64. Mrs Anubi who says there?s nothing she hadn?t tried to get pregnant in her 28years old marriage says she?s glad God has finally done it for her the natural way.


Interestingly, Mrs Anubi attends late Prophet Ajanaku?s church. According to her, she had met the prophet few months before his death. He prayed for her and asked her to go home, and that was it. Even though he had died, Mrs Anubi still went back to the church to give the testimony of what God had done for her though the prophet. A reporter who attended that particular church service, met with her shortly after given her testimony and had to ask her again, if she was saying the truth. Her words;

?I am pregnant and permit me to tell you that by next year when I have my baby, I will be 65. I have being married for 28 years. It may amaze you that I got pregnant in a natural way. I didn?t do IVF?. When asked if she is truly to former President Obasanjo, her words were ?He is my uncle and somebody I respect so much. My mum is his elder sister and if you look at my face, you will see the semblance. I am his second cousin. I am also from Owu.?


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