Courtney had a stunning Los Angeles backdrop for her photo shoot

Marilyn Monroe is a Hollywood icon, and it isn’t uncommon for young starlets to admire her. Many have channeled the legend for photo shoots, which sometimes turns out well and other times, not so much. The latest girl to don the platinum curls and white dress is Courtney Stodden.

If you only follow mainstream celebrity news, then you may not too familiar with her. Stodden is a 17-year-old girl whose main claim to fame is marrying a 51-year-old actor (that would be Doug Hutchinson, by the way). Nevertheless, she is determined to find stardom and even uses the fame that she has found for good.

Courtney found out her hands and feet are a match for Marilyn’s last year

When she isn’t recording songs or sharing tantalizing tweets, the 17-year-old is usually doing some sort of photo shoot, whether it be for charity or just for fun. Her most recent shoot involved her dressing as Marilyn Monroe, and she definitely went all out for it.

Despite having blonde hair, she wore a platinum blonde wig in order to get the full effect. The white dress that she wore looked nearly identical to the one that Marilyn made famous by wearing over a subway grate. Every detail down to the make-up looked authentic, and Stodden even posed like the famous sex symbol.

Courtney Stodden unleashed her inner Marilyn Monroe for her latest photo shoot

Is Courtney Stodden’s attempt at Marilyn tasteful or tacky? Lindsay Lohan has been criticized for channeling the star in her shoots and even experienced some major backlash after recreating the famous Last Sitting photos. Posing as Marilyn Monroe is definitely a risky move to make, mainly because she is legendary and it is hard for anyone to match her star quality.

By Corrina Jean, Gather

Photos by Daily Mail


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