Justice Adamu Hobon of the Federal High Court Ado-Ekiti has granted the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) permission to destroy 11,500kg of forfeited drug exhibits. The drugs which were seized from drug trafficking syndicates within the State will be destroyed in Ado-Ekiti the State capital on Friday December 13, 2013 under the supervision of His Excellency, Governor Kayode Fayemi and the Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade.

Honourable Justice Hobon in two separate orders of forfeiture and leave to destroy by public burning dated 1st day of March 2013 and 5th day of December 2013 empowered the anti-narcotic Agency to carry out the public destruction.

According to NDLEA boss, exhibit destruction has helped in dislodging drug trafficking cartels in the country. ?Nigeria is winning the war against narcotics as many drug cartels have been dislodged through regular drug seizures, forfeiture and destruction. Public destruction of drugs is an open testimony of our collective resolve in ridding our communities of illicit drugs? Giade noted.

The Agency within the year had conducted similar destruction events in the Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Abuja as well as in Edo, Oyo and Kano States. The Ekiti drug destruction will bring the total quantity of publicly destroyed drugs by the NDLEA in 2013 to 145,869.525kg.

Giade while presenting the scorecard of Ekiti State command, commanded the officers for their efforts notwithstanding the numerous challenges confronting the command. In his words, ?I am encouraged with the arrest of 1,118 suspected drug traffickers with 35,606.969kg of drugs and the conviction of 49 drug offenders by the Ekiti State Command since January 2013. There are 30 female drug suspects among those apprehended while the seized drugs include 10kg of psychotropic substances, 70 grammes of cocaine and 10 grammes of heroin. Five cannabis cultivators were among those convicted?.

NDLEA commander in Ekiti State, Mr Dele Akingbade said that many drug dealers have been arrested and convicted. According to the commander, ?the command is helping to clean-up the State of drug trafficking and abuse. We have succeeded in doing this largely by constant arrest and prosecution of drug traffickers?.

Giade promised to support the agricultural programmes of Ekiti State government. ?NDLEA will continue to support the agricultural policies of the State through intensive cannabis eradication campaign. Our intelligence gathering efforts led to the destruction of 764 hectares of cannabis farms in 2012 while 875 hectares of cannabis farms have so far been destroyed in 2013 in Ekiti State alone. This will help in promoting the cultivation of only food and economic crops? the NDLEA boss assured.

The last destruction event held in the Ekiti State was in May 2011 when 5.3 tons of drugs were reduced to ashes.

Ofoyeju Mitchell

Head, Public Affairs


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