The Agona Swedru Circuit Court, has handed a 30 -year jail term to Awal Mohammed Haji, a 29 year -old unemployed for robbery and defilement of a 13 year- old school girl.

The convict described by the watchdog committee members as well-known notorious robber from Agona Kwanyako was arrested and handed over to the Agona Swedru Police Divisional Command of the Domestic Violence Victim and Support Unit (DOVVSU).

Police Chief Inspector Isaac Amon told the court presided over Mr Michael Entumi that on September 14, 2014 the victim’s parents reported to Agona Kwanyako Neighborhood Watch Dog Committee about the defilement and robbery.

The Prosecution said the victim was sent by the parents to purchase items from a near-by satellite market at Agona Kwanyako.

He said the convict who was loitering at the Agona Kwanyako seventh –Day Adventist Basic School saw the victim going alone.

Chief Inspector Amon told the court that Haji chased the girl and pulled a knife and collected GHȼ10.00 given to her by the parents for the market.

The Prosecution said the convict dragged the girl into one of the classrooms and had sexual intercourse with her and cautioned her not to tell anybody else she would die.

Police Chief Inspector Amon said the victim went home and informed her parents about the ordeal.

The prosecution said the convict went into hiding before he was apprehended during night patrols by the watch dog committee members and handed him over to DOVVSU.