Court says it has no choice but to end the loveless marriage

An Ikeja Customary Court, on Monday, dissolved a three-year-old marriage after noting that the couple had turned violent.

Saratu Ndako had petitioned the court to dissolve her marriage to Abdullai.

The court president, N.A. Ipaye said he had to dissolve the marriage because it had become a loveless union.

To push through with her divorce plans, Saratu was said to have aborted three times in the course of the marriage to avoid having any child for her husband.

“The petitioner (Saratu) did not want to have any issue for the respondent, so she aborted 3 times in the course of their marriage, and she has four kids for her former husband,” Ipaye said.

Ipaye added that the respondent was not interested in the dissolution initially, but eventually gave up when his efforts to make peace failed.

“He gave up because the fight between the two had become physical. In one of their fights, they were biting each other,” he said.
“One of their relatives, Alhaji Usman Abubakar tried to settle the dispute, as he said earlier in his testimony but all his effort was to no avail.”

Ipaye also noted that Saratu had started seeing her former husband “which shows that she loves him more than the present one.”

“The court cannot force two unwilling parties to continue with the marriage, so the marriage is dissolved with no other to pay dowry,” the court ruled.

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