An Accra Circuit Court has deferred the sentence of a Scrap Dealer, Senu Abass, who was charged for causing harm to one Moses Nyamedor, and possessing narcotic drugs without lawful authority.

Senu pleaded guilty to both charges and the court presided over by Mr Aboagye Tandoh convicted him but deferred his sentence for him to be medically examined at the psychiatric hospital.

 The court said the accused person exhibited strange gestures whilst in court and this calls for medical examination, and so he needs to be examined by a doctor in respect of his current state of mind to assist the court.

 “The hospital must examine whether he is in the right state of mind to have pleaded guilty to the charges.”

 The court however directed that the accused person should remain in custody until otherwise determined by the court.

 The case has since been adjourned to November 23,

 The facts of the case as narrated by the Prosecution led by Police Chief Inspector Kwabena Adu, was that the complainant is businessman who lives at Darkuman near Official Town, while the accused person is a scrap dealer at Alajo. 

 The complainant is a paternal uncle to Senu.

 He said due to his nefarious activities, Senu lives at the Alajo market but blames his lack of progress in life on his mother.

 He said on October 31, at about 2230 hours, the accused person armed himself with a sharp razor blade, went to Darkuman Official Town, his grandfather’s house, where his mother is living now, met her in her room and slapped her.

 The prosecution said, Senu asked his mother ‘you woman if I kill you right now, am I wrong?’

 His mother started shouting, calling the complainant for help. The complainant rushed to the scene and met the accused at the entrance of the house and confronted him.

 Mr Adu said unknowingly to the complainant that the accused was armed he approached to calm the convict down, but Senu slashed him on the face, and went ahead to cause damage to his entrance door.

 He told the court that Senu was arrested by some boys in the vicinity but later freed.

 On November 3, Senu resurfaced at the complainant’s house, armed with a screw driver, with the intention to attack his mother. 

This time luck eluded him and he was arrested and sent to the Darkuman Police station.

 He said a search conducted on him revealed one wrapper of dried leaves suspected to be Indian hemp, and other items.

He admitted the offence during investigation.


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