Couple beat mentally disabled man for video game

A couple beat and kicked a mentally disabled man before stealing his $150 copy of Grand Theft Auto V, WPTV reports.

Rohan Dawkins, 21, of Delray Beach, Florida, attends a special needs transitional program for adults during the week. He works part-time at a Home Depot, and he saved $10 a week from his paychecks to pay down on a copy of Grand Theft Auto V.

On Tuesday, Dawkins walked out of the GameStop Store with the coveted game. Police say a married couple, Tommy Davis, 27, and Adele Jones, 26, followed Dawkins as he left the store.

Couple beat mentally disabled man for video game

Police say Davis and Jones pulled up next to Dawkins in their car. Davis asked Dawkins for the time, then Davis snatched the game from Dawkins and got back into his car. Dawkins opened the car door trying to get his game back. But Jones got out and began beating and kicking the mentally disabled man.

The couple then drove off with the game. Police were able to identify the couple through video surveillance, but by then it was too late. The couple had already sold the game for $60.

Davis and Jones were arrested on Thursday and charged with strong-armed robbery and dealing in stolen property. Dawkins still doesn?t have a game, but concerned WPTV viewers have offered to buy a game for Dawkins.

?That wasn?t nice. They hurt me,? said Dawkins.


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