Center for Learning Disabilities Assessment
Center for Learning Disabilities Assessment

The Center for Learning Disabilities Assessment (CLDA) applause the National Teachers Council of the Ministry of Education for taking a great move to implement the new Teachers Licensing Policy under the Education Act 778 (2008)

The Center looks forward to the Teachers Licensing System to bring onboard true teachers who has the passion and diverse teaching skills to teach diverse students in the general classroom. We also look forward to the system to be very robust to eliminate indiscipline, unprofessional and non-performing teacher from the education system.

The center recognize that, despite our education system does not support students with learning disabilities, attention deficit and behavior disorder enough, the high rate of students non-performance, students drop out and discrimination against students with diverse need in the general classroom is contributed by indiscipline, unprofessional and non-performing teachers.

The center calls on the Ghana Education Service to raise the Admission Entry Criteria for applicants applying to study at the various Training Colleges and Universities. The Admission requirement should be pegged at A1-C4 with strong personal statement and teacher’s entry test exams.

Source: Center for Learning Disabilities Assessment