ciara pregnant

Though rumours have been flying around the online world that pop singer-Ciara is pregnant, no proof of any kind except some not so clear photos have emerged?

But it seems since is really pregnant as an executive at her record label has confirmed it?

According to SandraRose, she  received yet another confirmation from an industry insider that pop singer Ciara is pregnant with rapper Future?s 5th or 6th baby.

She writes;

The confirmation came from an executive at Ciara?s record label, who obviously doesn?t read my blog on a regular basis.

?Ciara pregnant,? he texted. ?I know,? I text him back.

During a follow-up phone call, the industry veteran shared how Ciara and Future are ?excited? about their bundle of joy. He said they wanted a popular website to break the news of her first pregnancy ? and how disappointed they were that the blogs spilt the TEA first.


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