Corruption is something we talk about,is something we complain about,it something whos negative impact we recorgnize,it is something even the corrupt acknowldge is a bad thing.
wpid-ghana-flag.gifBut the irony and the tragedy at once is that dose who engage in corruption love it.The tragedy of once is that those who dont engage in corruption accomodate it.Our level of tolerance for corruption in Ghana is amazing.
…A long time agao ma Dad of Great memory(David Castro Baidoo) AKA the philosopher once told me that its in the nature of Ghanaian to hang the small thieves and elect the great oce to public offices.That is what we do in Ghana,thas why we remain poor as a country.
Today men and women are running away from their country.Wen u look at ghana today,the richest men and women are those who occupy Public Ofice.
We live in a country dat we celebrate THIEVES and velify good men and women thus the tragedy of Ghana.While every continet have move to the right direction we still remain in the hands of IMF ,the tony Blairs etc and dis remain a scar in the minds of ppor Ghanaians.
We live in a country while our young women upon attaining puberty cannot afford sanitary pads but our public officers have IPADS which they dont even noe how to use it.
We live in a country today while our leaders who preside over our health sectors have no Faith in the health sector,Wen they are sick they runaway to seek treatment in Germany,South Africa,India etc.Even the health minister dont have faith in the health sector.
We live in a country where the political leaders dont have faith in our education system,they bring unto us what they call free education but they can never dare take their children to those schools.

BY David Amoah Boateng
[email protected]


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