The African continent, among the rich, if not the richest, is perishing! Many of our countries are reeking of diseases, poverty, filth, famine, illiteracy, to mention but a few! Each day, reported stories of war and clashes, are the usual news from the continent. It is always news about aid to
Africa! The hungry continent! The pictures are always gruesome, depressing and again, degrading! It is always news of anguish, chaos, fear! This has gone on for several decades, to the extent that for those who have never had the chance of visiting this continent, the mere mention of her name sends shivers down their spine! That is the story of Africa!

But there is an untold story! It is the story of the lovely, beautiful, and proud African men and women! It is the story of a continent, endowed with all the God-given resources that we can ever imagine! It is the story of a rich continent, an envy of many! It is the story of the continent with several talented individuals, living in a culturally diverse environment, all sharing a common history! It is a continent of varied climate and rich vegetation! By all standards, Africa is complete! It is the story of the richest and strongest continent!


Rather sadly however, the former story is better known, and better told! The latter, to most people, is but a dream! This is because, Africans, are failing Africa! Corruption is killing us! This continent, host to several riches, also plays host to the most corrupt nations on this planet! The continent, although the richest, is also the poorest! That is the sad reality, and in Ghana, Ghanaians are failing Ghana!

In Africa, it is all about loans! Yes, every African government, no matter how rich the nation, needs a loan! Each day, one form of loan or another is handed out. Each day, various sword-cutting ceremonies are conducted. And yet in the end, we see nothing! The question is: What happened to the money?

O yes, what happened to the money? Which money? The money that was meant for the road project! The money that was meant to provide potable water! The money that was meant to provide power and electricity! The money that was meant to build more health facilities! The money that was meant to provide improved educational infrastructure! Last but not the least, the money that was meant to rid our cities off the filth! In our various communities, where are these projects? What happened to the monies? That is the story of Africa! Several projects begin, but never end! These projects sit abandoned in bushes at various locations in our towns and cities! Each day, we pass by, look at them, and only wonder! Of course, our politicians have several stories to tell us; the bunkums!

Projects begin but never end! This is because the loans are squandered even before the projects begin! Yes, our leaders would rather share our monies, rather than service our needs! I sometimes wonder if the loans were indeed sought to cater for the needs of some particular individuals, rather than the needs of our communities! Do people have any conscience at all?

On streets, in our various communities, the evidence is visible! Children cry out in hunger! The sick can be found moaning helplessly! People have no access to decent accommodation! Our limited educational infrastructures lie in shambles! We have no access to potable water, food, clothing, electricity, good roads, and healthcare, to mention but a few! And yet, the aid and funding that governments receive as a solution to our socio-economic problems are sold off, split and squandered! That is the African! Proudly African!

In our oil ?rich nations, the stories are usually horrifying! The oil resources, meant to serve the needs of the people, are again squandered! Proceeds meant for development projects, rather develop corruption! Most of these nations could survive on these proceeds, and yet in the end, these countries still seek international aid for development! It is always about bunkering! The Bunkering of our wealth and resources; the politics of Africa! It is only in Africa that leaders would gladly give away their people and wealth! That has always been the story of Africa! Evident in our history!

Our leaders embark on all sorts of journeys, in the name of soliciting for loans to facilitate various projects, usually adorned in all kinds of ridiculously expensive suits! They go out, begging for alms, and when they succeed, are only interested in sharing these loans!

We are not being told the truth! Africans sit and watch as the continent is ripped apart by wars! The destructions, in the end, leave the continent vulnerable to the advantage of some unscrupulous nations! We are made to believe that things are so bad, whiles our leaders sell off our wealth! We are being told of hardships, whiles our continent is being sold off! We are given loans, at what expense? Our politicians should let us in on the terms of trading! What are the terms and conditions for the huge loans and funding that we keep receiving in Africa?

Anna Esi Hanson ([email protected]), Takoradi.


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