The uncorrupted, elected to appoint, appoints qualified incorruptible appointees. So when appointees turn out corruptibly disappointing, the appointer gets the corruption blame. Corrupt appointers appoint corrupt appointees.ansu-kyeremeh

When I was young, I used to believe nations are built in institutions, as indeed, Obama had told Africa. I have changed my mind now, because institutions are made by people. ?Slippery points in his government? cannot be blamed on appointees with the appointer totally exonerated.

If you have people who are interested in strong institutions in charge of institutions, those institutions will be strong. Conversely, people who are not interested in strong institutions cannot strengthen institutions they head.

Chicken and egg, people and institution, which will shape what? The problem is not institutions; it is people. When you appoint corruptible people to run institutions, they as corrupt heads will corrupt the institutions.

An ignoramus texted in to a radio station recently (Sat, Dec 13, 2014) that ?? it is the first time a sitting president was prosecuting his own people.? He is an ignoramus, too young to know what he claims. He reads nothing to learn anything about the past to help ground his statement. Virtually every leader we have had had done that.

The man says 300 people are under investigation. So what? It is conviction that matters. An institution builder will say I have retrieved so much stolen money or jailed so many or sacked so many. Three hundred is such a huge number we should be talking a lot of retrieved stolen money, incarceration or dismissal.

People corrupt institutions more than the institutions corrupting people. Institutions don?t think and make plans and consume money. If people running institutions can corrupt the institution or make it not corrupt, those appointed to run institutions and their appointer should be the problem. The motherland?s experience since January 7, 2009 confirms that.

An appointer ought to discern the corruptibility of an appointee. And so when SADA, GYEEDA, SUBHA appointees compromise their institutions in corruption, the appointer cannot escape corruption culpability. While a corrupt appointee may corrupt her/his appointer, a corrupt appointer is guaranteed to appoint a corrupt appointee. The wages of electing a corrupt leader is, therefore, widespread corruption.

In public, an appointer may lament or express regret over his non-performing appointees. In private, he would be lectured by those appointees about how his create loot and share endorsement had forced their non-performance. Both would consequently be left with let?s see what we can do from now on. In plain language, that would be borrow left right and centre to make it appear team congress is doing something.

An Anahg appointer appointed appointee schoolchildren to superintend schooling in the motherland. The same appointer appointed appointees who had never paid rent to oversee housing projects. Others have been appointed who had been caught stealing to monitor and check corruption.

So if you like, show me the appointer: how clean, how knowledgeable, how much life experience he has, and I will show you appointees who are corrupt or not corrupt; who are thieves or not; or appointees who are as corrupt and thieving as their appointer the shipwreck-prone pilot of the motherland.

An appointer is as good or effective or a performer as the appointer. If the appointer knows not, it is unlikely the appointee will know.? If the appointer knows little it is most likely the appointee will be a little knower. If the appointer is a chopper, so will the appointee be. So if it?s chopping all over and everywhere, it means the appointer is a chopper who is known as such by his appointees.

An appointer may appoint one or two appointees who turn out to be a thief or thieves. But when an appointer appoints appointees three or more of whom turn out to be thieves, it is difficult to assume the appointer himself is not a thief.

It is said that those who prowl in the night are those who know others who prowl in the night. Prowling and prowlers don?t stop there. The thief will defend thieving by saying we stole through judgment debt. Now that courts have declared the money stolen and ordered its retrieval people are shockingly bragging all over that they are fighting corruption because they are obeying court order to retrieve the money they have stolen. No wonder no money is being retrieved. It is all talk about retrieving without any sign of retrieval.

Uncle Sege, the overseer of STL stolen election infamy, asks what happens ?when the guard is the thief?? Job for the girl appointment on the basis of ?Na awo maama wo biribi a??(Have I given you a post?) of anti-corruption guard deepens the corruption malaise; so much so that the appointed to check corruption is a corruption guru.

By Kwasi Ansu-Kyeremeh


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