Controversy surrounds the manner in which they died

The corpses of two young men have been recovered from the swimming pool of a Chinese-owned company in Lagos.

The deceased, whose bodies were recovered last week, have been identified by other factory workers as Imhonbhio Martins Odion from Ewohimi, Edo state and Richard Dada from Ugoja, Rivers State.

The deceased were said to be casual workers with the Chinese company located at Reverend Ogunbiyi Street, Ikeja.

The colleagues of the deceased also said that the two men slept over at the company last week, but nobody seemed to know how they died or got inside the pool.

Their corpses were recovered from the pool, with blood coming out of their ears, nostrils, and mouth.

Strangely, nobody has reported the disappearance of the victims to the police as all the nearest police stations denied receiving reports concerning the men.

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