Always rules are two and never a rule can be one. It means, every one on earth has ?one rule? for me and ?one rule? for you approach. This is how all life forms on earth are also created. Of course, the people in the corporate are no way different, whether they are the boss or the subordinate.

No one can live with a single rule. If every one start following a single rule, no life will be possible on earth.

A predatory animal follows one rule that is, it will try to protect its young ones and simultaneously, it will hunt the young ones of the prey animals. On the other hand, the prey animals always want to eat and be happy but never bother about the hunger of their predators.

All territorial animals want to protect their territory but love to intrude and encroaches the territory of other animals. The alpha male monkey in a troop love to retain his wives but adventure to snatch the wives from the other troop.

All animals while eating their prey, try hard to protect their share but they also love to snatch the share of other animals, if possible.

Always there are two rules. One rule for me and one rule for you. This cardinal truth, every corporate employee must understand. So is the HR, the top management and the entrepreneurs.

?Need to survive or exist? and ?need to live? are always governed by two separate rules. This distinction and difference one need to know, only then one can avoid and dilute much of their inner conflicts and concern about the disparity in the social justice that exist in the corporate world.

When ?one sees? oneself, one cannot see others and when one see others, cannot ?see oneself?. The person who attempt to see may be the same in the above context but what is seen is different.

In most corporate, people often complain about why the boss follows one rule for them and make a different one for the subordinates. Some employees very smartly join hand with the boss and follow the rule of the boss and become successful. Such people are popularly referred as ?sycophants?.

After knowing the two rules, the corporate employees should employ a wise choice rather than blaming people for why they are following different rules such as one relate to themselves and one for others.

Accept the ?universal rule?, the ?rule of nature? and that is the ?rule? going to ?rule and ruin? the corporate world across.

The winner and the victim, both must remember this. Only difference is that whether you are following the rule of the winner or the rule of the victim that is purely determined by your state of being and not what you become.

Dr S Ranganathan, ClinRise Derma Pvt., Ltd.

Learn more from the management book ? ?Jungle wisdom for corporate management ? lessons from the university of nature by Swami Sukhabodhananda and Dr S Ranganathan


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