David Platt, Nick Tilsley and Kylie Platt
David Platt, Nick Tilsley and Kylie Platt

Coronation Street’s David Platt will turn on Tina McIntyre when she learns he was responsible for putting his brother Nick Tilsley in a coma following their van crash.


The soap bad boy – played by Jack P. Shepherd – gets nasty with the beautiful barmaid (Michelle Keegan) when she realises he is to blame for putting his brother Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) in a coma after the pair were involved in a devastating crash.

David unplugged Nick’s seatbelt before grabbing the wheel of the van they were travelling in, and the bistro boss is now left fighting for his life – but the evil hairdresser is more concerned the brunette stunner will tell his wife Kylie Platt (Paula Lane) that he is to blame for the incident.

Jack said: “David is petrified that she’ll open her mouth.

“He does get a little bit aggressive with Tina when she runs out and declares she’s going to tell Kylie everything.

“He sees Tina’s reaction when she discovers the truth, and he knows that Kylie will also think that David’s entirely in the wrong. That scares him.”

David’s malicious move is the latest part of his reign of terror against Nick, who he is determined to ruin after finding out he slept with Kylie on Christmas Day (25.12.12), meaning he could be the father of her unborn baby.

Jack added to ITV.com: “David wasn’t necessarily intending to kill Nick, but he certainly wanted to stop the van and the only way to do that was by putting Nick’s life in danger.

“David still doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong. Nick committed the ultimate betrayal to his brother and David believes he needs punishing for that.

“He’s so worried that Nick will survive and tell Kylie what’s happened and that he’ll then lose her and the unborn baby.

“If Nick wakes up and threatens to tell everyone the truth then I do think David will lose it. It will push him over the edge because he knows that nobody will be on his side.”


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